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Solutions, but what can go wrong ?


metatags errorsRegarding metatag errors with your website, we will try to help you make those important metatags so that your website will have a higher ranking in the index of the search engines.

Despite all your effort to make and add metatags and keywords to your website something can go wrong when you submit your website. Here you will find a small selection of reasons as to why your optimized website won't get listed in the index of a search engine:

    * After updating your website you forgot to add those important metatags.
    * You spam the search engines with individual requests to submit your website.
    * Your website contains  illegal 'warez' .
    * Without your knowledge some pornographic material is placed upon your website.
    * Maybe you use a (free) redirect service and you haven't got a "domain name of your own".

Usually it's no problem at all but sometimes search engines will refuse to add your website due to the content or the way your website is made. If all of the above doesn't apply to your website it's time to take the next step. Read all the information how to get your website ranked high in the search engines!


Improve your ranking in 3 Steps helps you to improve your website in 3 steps:

1) We Explain how it works in 15 easy steps to succes

2) Create your own meta tags

3) Submit your website to the search engines



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