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How to start with Metatags

You have finished making your website, or it has been developed for you. A lot of text has been added and photo's have been digitilized. The website or webshop is now open for business. Maybe you even have the ability to accept online payments so people can pay directly for their purchase. Now you are anxiously waiting for orders and payments to be made.

Unfortunately that's not how it works in the real world, and it's not how it works on the internet either.

If your customers don't know who you are, what you sell and where they can find you, how do you expect them to buy something in your shop? They don't even know where your shop is situated. So you need to get your website listed with the search engines and you need to place ads so people will notice you.

If you are looking for information or if you want to buy something (or you just want to stay ahead of your competitors by spying on their internet activities) you use a certain search engine. Within a few seconds the whole web is crawled. Usually you'll get too many hits, but when you read the background information of this search engine you will find that it's possible to perform a more detailed search task.

You probably know that there are a lot of search engines. Well known are Google, Hotbot, WebCrawler, Yahoo, Excite, AltaVista. However there are many small specialized local search engines, also people use the search-box in their MSN or they will try to find something on eBay.

The small search engines are used frequently. Not as frequent as the major ones, but do you want to exclude 20% of your customers?

Only submitting your webpage to Google is not useful.


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